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Food Citizen Action Project

Students will identify a food system problem and design an intervention to address it. This culminating project has students apply what they have learned from prior lessons, and empowers them to create change.

Working in groups, students will:

  1. Choose a food system problem to address

  2. Describe any downstream effects of the problem on public health, society, and/or ecosystems

  3. Identify factors that contribute to the problem, and choose one factor that the intervention will act upon

  4. Design the intervention, including an achievable goal, specific action steps, and how the effects of the intervention will be measured

  5. Identify allies who could help implement the intervention

  6. Anticipate potential barriers, including groups in opposition to the intervention, and how they could be overcome

Groups may implement all or part of their intervention, if possible. Local interventions will generally be more feasible, but ambitious students should not be discouraged from working on a state or national issue. Examples are provided in the teacher guide.

Have each group share what they learned (and what the intervention achieved, if it was implemented) through a written report and/or presentation. Reports and presentations should include all of the numbered items above.

Download the full project description and teacher guide.