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Food Frontiers

The short film Food Frontiers (36 minutes) can be used in conjunction with Foodspan Lesson 14: The Hunger Gap and Lesson 12: Why We Eat What We Eat.

Students—and other viewing groups—will find this Discussion Guide useful for digging into the film’s central issues.

The film showcases six projects from around the United States that are increasing access to healthy food and goes beyond the problem statement of food insecurity, i.e., poor access to healthy, affordable food. Instead, the film examines projects that are having success. Traveling across the country, the filmmakers documented diverse efforts to improve access—from a pioneering program in California that connects local produce to schoolchildren to a social enterprise grocery store run by students in Nebraska to a Virginia pediatrician who supplements her practice with cooking classes.

The film is a production of the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future, created by two members of the Center’s communications team, Leo Horrigan and Michael Milli. They benefited immensely from the advice of Mark Winne, the Center’s senior adviser on food policy.

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