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FoodSpan is a free, downloadable high school curriculum that highlights critical issues in the food system and empowers students to be food citizens. It is aligned to national education standards in science, social studies, health, and family and consumer sciences.

This curriculum stimulates debate about crucial food system topics related to human health, the environment, equity, and animal welfare. The Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future developed FoodSpan as a natural outgrowth of the work it does to help build a healthier, more equitable, and more resilient food system.

For tips on how to use FoodSpan, see Getting Started.

FoodSpan is a second-generation curriculum, as it builds off the Teaching the Food System (TFS) curriculum that launched in 2011. We are grateful to all the teachers who used TFS and inspired many of the refinements that appear in FoodSpanContact us if you need access to the original TFS lesson plans.

Check out this article in the Baltimore Sun about the creative ways educators across the country are using FoodSpan.